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We have just completed building a new sanctuary and fellowship hall.  

We are wheelchair-accessible.

We have a large parking lot and several spaces saved just for you. 

There is designated handicapped parking.

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As an open and affirming congregation, we genuinely welcome people of all ages, races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, beliefs, and those who are cognitively and/or physically challenged. It is our vision that each of us is a minister, seeking to know Christ, to grow in discipleship and to embody God’s love for the world. 


As Presbyterians, we are part of the Reformed Tradition. Our constitution is in two parts: The Book of Order and The Book of Confessions.


We are committed to responding to needs in the world - locally and globally.


We strive to create an intergenerational environment, with weekly opportunities for adult education, including men's and women's groups.


Occasionally we worship in a unique way - providing different learning opportunities for people of different learning types.


Fellowship time after worship is a cornerstone of our caring community.


We love children! We love them if they like to stay in worship with you; we love them if they want to check out the children's activities. We are ok with children making noise and being children. Your family - your children - we'll like all of you, just as you are.

The nursery is available, if you should choose. A loving adult will be in the nursery ten minutes before worship to welcome you and your child. All other children begin worship with us in the sanctuary. During the summer we have tables set up in our worship space for our children to explore faith through art and play.

We have fellowship after worship. We really would like to get to know you more but we also know that walking into a room full of strangers isn't the easiest thing to do. We hope you will give it a try though.

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