April 26, 2020  

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Christ is here, ready to be revealed. 

Watch and wait for the new growth that is coming.


PRELUDE  The Storm is Passing Over




We need your presence on the long road, Lord. The road between fear and hope, the road between the place where all is lost and the place of resurrection.

Like the disciples walking the road to Emmaus, we are in need of your company! Jesus, stand among us, in your risen power, Let this time of worship be a hallowed hour.


*OPENING HYMN    Christ Is Alive!    

No. 246 (Verses 1, 2 & 5)

Christ is alive! Let Christians sing.

The cross stands empty to the sky.

Let streets and homes with praises ring. Love, drowned in death, shall never die.

Christ is alive! No longer bound

to distant years in Palestine,

but saving, healing, here and now,

and touching every place and time.

Christ is a live, and comes to bring

good news to this and every age,

till earth and sky and ocean ring

with joy, with justice, love, and praise.



As we welcome our loving God as a living presence in our midst, let us share our joy and our need, our hope and our fear, thankful for the life God has given us.



Heavenly companion, we yearn for your love and grace, your wisdom and guidance. We long for the joy that burns within our hearts when you are with us. We cling to you, yet sometimes do not share your love with others.

Forgive us, holy and cherished God. Shine the light of your Spirit through us, so that we may witness to your grace. Remind and help us to show your Way of hope and joy to those who long for peace, and in whom hope has died. Amen.


In humility, let us lift our silent prayers to God for the brokenness of this world and for the needs of our community and our hearts.


(Please refer to the deacon’s prayer list.)


God, in your mercy, hear our prayers & forgive us. Amen. 





God may come to us, unrecognized, as a stranger. The risen Christ reaches out to us in unexpected ways as we travel our own Emmaus roads.

May the Word of our still-speaking God continue to burn in our hearts.




Alleluia, alleluia!

Give thanks to the risen Lord.

Alleluia, alleluia!

Give praise to his name.


Come let us praise the living God,

Joyfully sing to our Savior. [Refrain] 



There is a peace that comes only from welcoming Christ in a fellow traveler on the journey of life. The peace of Christ be with you all.

And also with you.







Jesus our Guide, you explained the scriptures and revealed yourself to the disciples at Emmaus. Now, by your Spirit, enlighten our minds to understand their witness and ignite our hearts to receive you. Amen.


STORY    Luke 24: 13-35



Today, we ask that you take a moment to hear where God is calling you in a unique opportunity to share with others and engage in the story from Luke 24. 


Discuss the Story: See the video discussion of Luke 24: 13-49.  











1. Previously, Jesus said “I won’t eat this again until I eat it in the realm of God.” (Luke 22:16). At Emmaus, Jesus eats. God’s realm has arrived. What does this say to you?

2. When has an experience of the sacred opened the eyes of your faith beyond words?

3. What encounter assures you of the presence of Christ? 


Create the Story: The practice of gratitude

1. Think of three people who have walked alongside you on your journey of faith and made a difference, OR, think about one person who shows you Jesus’ way of love.

2. Make thank-you cards to send to each of them. You might like to write how the person helped you. Then mail the cards!


Meditate on the Story: Download the handout here.

Listen to the music and consider:


1. Think about the last time you took a walk. Where did you feel the presence of the Risen Lord? How did God speak to you? 

2. How have you walked with someone on their faith journey? 

3. During this pandemic, what assures you of the presence of Christ? 




*AFFIRMATION OF FAITH from A Brief Statement of Faith

We trust in Jesus Christ, fully human, fully God. Jesus proclaimed the reign of God; preaching good news to the poor and release to the captives, teaching by word and deed and blessing the children, healing the sick and binding up the brokenhearted, eating with outcasts, forgiving sinners, and calling all to repent and believe the gospel. Unjustly condemned for blasphemy and sedition, Jesus was crucified, suffering the depths of human pain and giving his life for the sins of the world. God raised this Jesus from the dead, vindicating his sinless life, breaking the power of sin and evil, delivering us from death to life eternal.




As we debate and deliberate, discuss and question the current events, pressing needs and confusing circumstances of our time, Christ comes alongside us. He tells us again of God’s goodness and life-giving power, abundant grace and steadfast kindness. In gratitude and trust, let us offer our hearts and the fruit of our labor to God’s service.


Thank you for sending your offerings. They make a great difference to our church’s work in the world.

Thank you, too, for remembering the Two Cents a Meal Offering, which goes toward hunger needs.


Musical Meditation       



Praise God whose breath fills all the earth, whose love reveals our sacred worth, whose Spirit forms one family, whose grace and peace bring harmony. 



 *Prayer of Dedication 

Like the disciples at Emmaus, we offer what we have. They offered their company, their table, their bread. We invite you to be with us, Jesus, as we offer you our love, our devotion and our gifts.

May our eyes be opened to your holy presence among us, now and always.  Amen.





Christ Has Risen While Earth Slumbers  

Christ has risen while earth slumbers;

Christ has risen where hope died,

as he said and as he promised,

as we doubted and denied.

Let the moon embrace the blessing;

let the sun sustain the cheer;

let the world confirm the rumor:

Christ is risen, God is here!

Christ has risen for the people

whom he died to love and save;

Christ has risen for the women

bringing flowers to grace his grave.

Christ has risen for disciples

huddled in an upstairs room.

He whose word inspired creation

can't be silenced by the tomb.

Christ has risen and forever

lives to challenge and to change

all whose lives are messed or mangled,

all who find religion strange.

Christ is risen, Christ is present

making us what he has been:

evidence of transformation

in which God is known and seen.




*POSTLUDE   The Storm is Passing Over 



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Thank you to Justin Warner for serving as our liturgist. 


We believe all persons are MINISTERS: EACH AND EVERY ONE. With God's grace, we seek to be an open and affirming congregation - one that includes all persons.


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