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Full Time Interim Pastor                                              

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Grace Presbyterian Church believes all persons are MINISTERS: EACH AND EVERY ONE. With God’s grace, we seek to be an open and affirming congregation – one that includes all persons. We embrace differences of sexual orientation, gender, race, age, mental ability and physical ability. Together we participate in the church, seeking to know Christ, to grow in discipleship and to live the challenge every day.

Grace Presbyterian Church is in the midst of a building project, expected to be complete this fall.  The interim Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church will support the Property Team, New Sanctuary Team, Interior Design Team and Session in the completion of the new building.  Upon building completion, the interim Pastor will lead the congregation in celebration and habitation of the new space.

The Interim Pastor of the Grace Presbyterian Church will guide the congregation during the interim period in accordance with the procedures for interim ministry as outlined in the Presbytery of New Brunswick’s statement on the Interim Ministry Process. The Interim Pastor is also responsible for providing pastoral duties as outlined below:


• Lead worship in concert with the Associate Pastor and lay liturgist, preaching each Sunday.
• Prepare the collaborating with weekly musicians and in coordination with the worship
• Lead and/or assist in special seasonal services
• Serve as Head of Staff and lead staff meetings
• Responsible for church planning and operations
• Serve as Moderator of the Session, working with the Clerk to create the docket.
• Facilitate the development of staff and lay leadership.
• Facilitate and lead in the training of newly elected officers in conjunction with staff and selected members
• Serve as a resource to Church committees to assist them in planning, recruiting supporters, and executing their assigned ministries.
• Will contribute publicity and articles to Church newsletter.
Congregational Life
• Be a resource for the Mission Study Team during the Self-Study process
• Be a resource for the Pastor Nominating Committee in the development of the Ministry Information Form
• Work regularly with the Session and the Transition Team toward accomplishment of the traditional tasks of interim ministry
• Coming to terms with the church history (dealing honestly with both the joys and disappointments)
• Discovering a new identity (determining the particular mission to which it is now called)
• Allowing needed leadership change (both celebrating traditional leadership and empowering new leadership, recognizing the gifts of newer or younger members)
• Renewing denominational linkages (discovering ways the congregation can be supported by and through the Presbytery and the broader church, and identifying particular points of misunderstanding or conflict from the past and present)
• Committing to new directions in ministry (developing a clearer understanding and stronger commitment to where the church is going)
• Call on past and present members who may be brought closer to congregational life
• Provide resources and direction when needed to the Preschool and Wellness Center through its Boards and Directors.
Pastoral Care
• Provide pastoral care with the Board of Deacons
• Lead the monthly meeting of the Board of Deacons
Christian Education
• Teach Adult Education classes as requested

Minimum Effective Salary: $60,000

The terms of this contract are for a period of 12 months. This agreement may be terminated by the Session upon 60 days written notice, or by the Interim Pastor with 60 days written notice and forfeiture of any payment received or promise for service beyond that period. This agreement may be renewed upon approval of the COM and in conformity with the procedures of the Presbytery of New Brunswick and provisions of the Book of Order.

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