November 22, Worship

Reign of Christ


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Worship will be live streamed on Grace's YouTube channel (above), and the video recording uploaded here afterward. You can also join via the Zoom link sent to your email address.


We Gather      



When we care for the poor, clothe the naked, and visit the sick and imprisoned, we are caring for Christ. When we love our neighbor, we are really loving God.





Make a glad noise to God, all the Earth. In all languages; with all timbres and textures; let us make a glad noise to God.

God invites us to worship with gladness – to come into God’s presence with singing!  Let us raise our voices and proclaim our joy as we enter into worship.

God is God! My friends, God is God! God made us;  God claims us as God’s own; we are God’s people.

How wonderful it is to remember and recognize that God is Creator, Parent, Guardian, and Guide.

Let us enter the gates of worship with thanksgiving and praise!

And let us give thanks that God’s steadfast love endures forever. We have arrived at the end of the church year, but God’s love and the story of God’s Son and God’s people continue forever.

The circle is never unbroken! The story continues, and the invitation never expires.

Come, all generations, let us worship God! 


Let All Things Now Living   


(Because the singing of hymns is discouraged during this period of pandemic, you are invited to meditate on the hymn below.)


Let all things now living 

a song of thanksgiving

to God our Creator

triumphantly raise;

who fashioned and made us,

protected and stayed us,

by guiding us on

to the end of our days.

God's banners are o'er us;

pure light goes before us,

a pillar of fire

shining forth in the night:

till shadows have vanished,

all fearfulness banished,

as forward we travel

from light into light.


By law God enforces,

the stars in their courses,

the sun in its orbit

obediently shine;

the hills and the mountains,

the rivers and fountains,

the depths of the ocean

proclaim God divine.

We too should be voicing

our love and rejoicing;

with glad adoration,

a song let us raise,

till all things now living

unite in thanksgiving:

to God in the highest,

hosanna and praise!



These are the promises stretching back into the dim recesses of time, yet as new as this very moment. When we lose our way, God searches for us until we are found. When we hurt others, God brings healing to all. When we sin, God forgives us. Let us hold these promises close to our hearts, as we confess the things we try to hide.



Glorious God, shine upon us with your Spirit of wisdom and truth. Enlighten our hearts. Help us to know the hope to which we are called. Reveal your ways, that we might share hope and joy in all that we do, and all that we say. 


God of glory, we do not always see your glory in the world around us. When we see a person in need, it is not easy to look him in the eye. When we hear a cry for help, it is not easy to offer her quick assistance. When we know of a lonely prisoner, it is not easy to make that visit.


Forgive us when we fail to see you in our everyday lives. Forgive us when we are afraid to act, afraid to care. Encourage us, God of glory. Help us see others with the eyes of compassion, that we might be your loving presence in the world. Amen.


Silent Reflection and Prayer



When we trust in God’s ways, the peace of God which surpasses all understanding will guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

We will not worry; we will rejoice in the Lord and follow the ways of Christ.

We are forgiven, renewed and restored to Christ.

There is nothing that can separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus. Amen.



May the peace of Christ rule in your hearts. It is to this peace we are called as members of a single body. The peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!

And also with you.


We Reflect





Almighty God, as the days grow shorter and our world continues to wrestle with all manner of suffering, we long to know your near and healing presence. Send your Spirit to grant us the faith and hope to recognize you, worship you, follow you and heed your Word. Amen. 



Ezekiel 34:11-16, 20-24



Matthew 25:31-46


SERMON  When Did We See You

Rev. Kathryn R. Mustaro

We Respond




Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name, 
thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.
 Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
 For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen.




In recognition of our loyalty to God and our gratitude for all God has given to us, we make our offering with joy and thanksgiving. Through the gift of our tithes and offerings, let us seek to show our love for God, who relentlessly seeks us out and tenderly cares for us.

Thank you for sending your offerings. They make a great difference to our church’s work in the world.


Musical Meditation 


Prayer of Dedication 

O God, we offer these gifts to you: 

as food and drink for a hungry world; as clothing  and shelter for those who are naked and homeless; as kindness and compassion for those who are most in need of mercy. 

Transform these gifts, that they might be your hands and feet in the world. 

Send us forth as your people, that all that we do,  and all that we say, may be a glorious representation of your presence in the world.  With gratitude, we pray. Amen.


We Are Sent 



Now Thank We All Our God

(You are invited to meditate on the hymn below.)


Now thank we all our God

with heart and hands and voices,

who wondrous things hath done,

in whom this world rejoices;

who, from our mothers' arms,

hath blessed us on our way

with countless gifts of love,

and still is ours today.


O may this bounteous God

through all our life be near us,

with ever joyful hearts

and blessed peace to cheer us;

and keep us in God's grace,

and guide us when perplexed,

and free us from all ills

in this world and the next.


All praise and thanks to God,

who reigns in highest heaven,

to Father and to Son

and Spirit now be given:

the one eternal God,

whom heaven and earth adore,

the God who was, and is,

and shall be evermore.





All songs not in the public domain are used by permission of CCLI #1124594.