November 8 Worship


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Worship will be live streamed on Grace's YouTube channel (above), and the video recording uploaded here afterward.


We Gather     


CENTERING WORDS                                                          

What decision would change your life forever Choosing this day to follow God is that decision. What is stopping you?




WELCOME and CALL TO WORSHIP                                    Give ear, O people, to God’s teachings.

For in parable and story God’s wisdom is revealed.

Come, let us remember the stories of our ancestors in faith.

Let us share them with our children, and celebrate the goodness that has come from them.

God has established decrees with our grandparents and all generations:

and God has asked us to teach and continue them.

Come, people of God, let us raise our hope in God, and remember our blessings;

let us never forget God’s glorious works in our lives.

Come, let us worship!


OPENING HYMN  No.632  verses 1 & 2

People of the Lord                               


(Because the singing of hymns is discouraged during this period of pandemic, you are invited to meditate on verses 1 & 2 below.)


People of the Lord,

listen to my voice.

Hear the ancient words.

Once again rejoice!



What we have heard, what we have known,

let our tongues tell our sons and daughters

the wonders of our living God,

that they may join us in the chorus.


Tell of God’s great deeds.

Teach God’s loving law

that faith’s precious seed

in each heart may grow. (Refrain)



How quickly we forget - our faith, our calling, our hope.  All because we try to do everything our way, rather than God's.  But God is quicker to forgive, and to restore us to new life.  Let us offer our prayers to God in humility and in hope.



Holy Leader, we are presented once again with many choices.

Today we have chosen to worship together

in thanksgiving and praise.

We have found the freedom and joy of being able

to gather in peace;

we have found the time and resources

to be able to enjoy this precious opportunity;

and we have followed the calling of our faith

to come together in supplication, intercession,

and gratitude.

Be with us as we worship,

and help us to choose you over and over.

Help us to recommit ourselves to the blessings and challenges

of our devotion to you and your love.

Be made known to us, and help us to feel you near, we pray. Amen.




Abiding God, there have been times when we have chosen the gods of our contexts, over full devotion to you.

We have worshipped at the altars of progress, efficiency, competition, and acquisition.

We have claimed to be your people

while behaving in ways that do not bear this out.

We have allowed the obsessions of the “world” and the scarcity mentality of our cultures to permeate our spirits and cause us to wander.

We imagine we are ready to be in your presence,

but in truth are often asleep to the true preparedness of constant vigilance in your grace.

Forgive our shallow ways,

and wake us up to what it means to be ready to follow wholeheartedly.

Jostle us into alert commitment.

Teach us to embrace the responsibilities that come with helping to bring about your realm on Earth. And help us to stay awake and prepared, we pray. Amen.





The great good news is that though we may sleep and fall short,

God is always awake to our needs, and provides overflowingly.

Though we may wander into the wildernesses of many temptations,

God’s journey is one of focused and complete compassion.

We are loved and forgiven.

God will always embrace us, whether we are ready for such grace or not.

In this, let us be assured.



Christ offers us peace when we choose life and follow God. Let us celebrate this peace as we share signs of God’s blessings and healing wisdom, each and every day. The peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you!

And also with you.


We Reflect





Living God,

help us to hear your word with open hearts, that we may truly understand; and as we understand, may we believe. And as we believe, may we follow you in all we do. Amen.


SCRIPTURE LESSON                                  1 Thessalonians 4:13-18


SCRIPTURE LESSON                                                   Matthew 25:1-13


SERMON   Waiting for God

Rev. Kathryn R. Mustaro

We Respond



Invitation                                                                                  We need oil for our lamps, food for our tables, and love for our lives. Let us share the bounty we have received, that no one may be left out alone in the dark.


Thank you for sending your offerings. They make a great difference to our church’s work in the world.


Musical Meditation


Prayer of Dedication

We come before you, O God, with gifts in your name in service of the world.

We bring you this offering, as a symbol of our choice to follow you.

Receive these gifts of love, that they may go forth as your blessing and wisdom for the world.



We Are Sent


CLOSING HYMN  No.632  verses 3 & 4 

People of the Lord     


(You are invited to meditate on verses 3 & 4 below.)


Tell the news till each

generation knows.

They, in turn, will teach

those yet to be born.



What we have heard, what we have known,

let our tongues tell our sons and daughters

the wonders of our living God,

that they may join us in the chorus.


May we trust in God,

rest in God’s strong hand,

live in God’s strong love,

follow God’s commands. (Refrain)






Please join us for prayers and fellowship on ZOOM at 10:30 a.m..


All songs not in the public domain are used by permission of CCLI #1124594.