Worship has moved indoors

Grace Presbyterian Church COVID Policy 


Updated October 3, 2021

The CDC has updated their mask guidelines, which are stated in the bullet points below.

For those that are fully vaccinated: Update CDC and NJ have advised people to wear masks inside. This is a request and not mandatory.

For those that are unvaccinated: If you are unvaccinated or otherwise at-risk (e.g., because of a prior transplant or other medical condition), you should follow recommended precautions; continue to wear a face mask and social distance.


While on Grace P.C. property, unvaccinated persons are asked to continue wearing a face mask and social distance when inside. Family units can sit next to each other.

If you are outdoors, such as on the back porch of the Fellowship Hall, you may opt not to wear a face mask; however, you should keep a social distance from others.

Pew setup in the Sanctuary

- The pews on each side of the communion table will go back to pre-covid setup

- The pews directly ahead of the Communion table will remain with 6 foot aisles and 6 foot spacing for those that would feel more comfortable w/ this setup.

Fellowship Hall Setup

- With the pews reset the Hall will have space again so that tables & chairs can be added

- The retractable wall will be kept open to promote air flow throughout the space

- Food will now be allowed in the Hall.
- Note, as always, NO Food or beverage allowed in the sanctuary space

At this time, we are allowed to sing with masks only. We are also going to return to using the hymnals during worship service. Please refrain from sharing your hymnal with anyone who is not in your family unit. A soloist, who would be required to be vaccinated and would perform near the piano, may sing without a mask. This will be reviewed monthly.

The session wants Grace to be a welcoming place for all, thus we have accommodations for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. We are monitoring state and local regulations and this policy is subject to change. We will also continue to offer live zoom/Youtube for Sunday Service for anyone who is uncomfortable attending or just not feeling well on a given Sunday. The recorded version each week will be posted to the Grace website.

Not yet comfortable with the idea of regathering?

That's perfectly understandable and okay!!

Worship will be live-streamed on the church's YouTube channel:  


A recording of the service will be available thereafter.