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Unlocking the Tomb

The Witnesses to the Resurrection of Jesus

While we have concluded our class, please review the scriptures

& prayers posted as you prayerfully watch the video recordings linked below

Pink Blossom

Our Plan

Pastor Donald Pitches led our Lenten Bible Study during the six Sundays of Lent. This class was held in the Octagon and on Zoom from 11:00 -12:00 starting on March 6th. 

Searching for the 3 Keys

Where the text refers to Jesus'

A. Crucifixion/Death and/or Burial

B. Raised/Risen

C. Appeared

as well as the similarities and differences in the witness reports​

Thank You! 

Thank you to our enthusiastic group of resident theologians who have gleaned important religious and theological issues from the study. Asking questions about the Messiah, sacrificial offerings and customs and their meanings, as well as the concept of the atonement. Good work!

-Pastor Donald

The 6 Keys

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